Soda Water Filling Machine

Soda Water Filling Machine

Introduction This model special for carbonated beverage filling, combined with rinsing, filling and capping. It is innovated and designed in the requirement of carbonated beverage technics, on the bases of introducing, digesting and absorbing advanced technology abroad. It is reasonable in......

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This model is used for carbonated beverage filling, have rinsing, filling and capping 3-in-1. It is innovated and designed by germany carbonated beverage technics, with advanced technology. It is reasonable in structure, safe operate and easy maintain, which is an ideal choice for beverage manufacturer.

Product Application




Working process:

Bottles are fed from in-feeding star wheel into the rinsing machine monoblock via star wheel. Bottle clamp installed on the rotary wheel of the rinser will grip bottle neck and make a 180° Turn along a guide track to face the bottle mouth downward. In designated section of the rinser, rinsing water will jet out from special nozzles to flush bottle inside wall. After rinsing and dripping, bottles gripped by the clamp will make another 180° Turn to insure bottle's neck facing up. Clean bottles are discharged out of the rinser by a star wheel to feed the filler. After entering the filler, bottles are retained by neck supporting carrier plates, which are actuated by bottle carrier mechanism to raise them by cam. The filling ways adopt isotonic filling. Filling valves are opened by bottle presence signals. When the liquid level reaches to the return pipe, it will stop filling. After finishing filling, valves are closed by valve closing mechanism to further stop venting to complete the filling process. Bottle carrier mechanism is lowered by a cam to disengage filled bottles with filling valves. Then bottles are transferred into the capper by a neck handling star wheel. Anti-rotation blades on capping heads will seize the bottle's neck to prevent it from rotation and hold it in an upright position. The twist-on capping head will make revolving and rotating movement along with the machine to finish the complete capping process of cap picking, placing, twisting, and disengaging under the control of a cam. A discharge star wheel discharges finished bottles onto discharge conveyor belt to be conveyed out of the filling monoblock.

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