Rotated Beverage Filling Machine Line

Rotated Beverage Filling Machine Line

Introduction Rotated beverage filling machine line, the main machine adopt isobaric filling method. The general structure of isobaric filling machine : Based on the characteristics of gas-containing liquid, when designing filling system,In order to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide overflow in......

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Rotated beverage filling machine line, the main machine adopt isobaric filling method. The general structure of isobaric filling machine  : 

Based on the characteristics of gas-containing liquid, when designing filling system,In order to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide overflow in the liquid during filling, the cap should be sealed as soon as possible.Therefore, the filling machine and the capping machine are designed to fill the cap machine.This type of filling machine uses different isobaric filling valve, different orienting mechanism and gland mechanism, which makes the unit have different structure, and other working principles are basically similar.

Isobaric filling machine mainly consists of annular liquid chamber, cylinder pulley, feeding screw, central inlet pipe, intake pipe, filling valve and so on.Filling and capping are completed on two rotary tables. Because of its continuous production, the production efficiency is high, which is the main type of isobaric filling machine at home and abroad.

The working principle is as follows: the clean bottle is sent to the bottle support table by split screw and star wheel. After the bottle rises, the bottle mouth is in close contact with the filling valve, and the bottle is filled at the same pressure. After filling, the bottle is sent to the cap machine by the dial star wheel.

Technical parameter:



Position number



20000-26000 bottles/hour

Filling temperature

0 ℃

Bottle size

Φ50-Φ115   H=190-320

Air pressure


Gas consumption


Washing bottle water pressure


Consumption of rinsing bottle water


Main motor power


Whole machine  power


Machine size


Machine weight



380/220v , 3phase, 50hz

Filling principle of isobaric filling:

The isobaric filling of an isobaric filling machine first inflates the gas pressure into the packaging container, making it equal to the gaseous pressure in the liquid storage box, then opens the inlet and flows into the packaging container under the action of the self-weight of the liquid material.The process is as follows.

1: inflatable isobaric. The gas in the tank is filled into the bottle until the air pressure in the tank is equal to that in the tank.

2: enter liquid to return air. The liquid in the tank flows to the bottle through the intake pipe, and the gas in the bottle is discharged into the space of the tank by the exhaust pipe.When the liquid level rises in the bottle and inundates the orifice of the exhaust pipe, the gas on the liquid level in the bottle cannot be discharged, the liquid level stops rising, and the liquid rises along the exhaust pipe to the same level in the tank, and the filling is stopped.

3: exhaust pressure relief. The upper part of the bottle is connected with the gas chamber of the intake pipe with the liquid storage tank. The liquid in the exhaust pipe flows into the bottle, and when the liquid level in the bottle rises to a specified height, the corresponding gas in the bottle is discharged back to the tank along the trachea.

4: remove residual liquid. The cock turns to the inlet pipe, the intake pipe and the exhaust pipe are separated from the liquid storage tank. When the bottle drops, the liquid in the lower pipe of the cock flows into the bottle, so that the liquid level in the bottle rises to the specified position to complete the filling process.

Main parts of isobaric filling machine:

1: liquid-feed device

2: packaging container for delivery device

3: bottle lifting mechanism

4: filling valve

5: transmission.

Main kit





touch screen


frequency transformer


Vacuum, circuit breaker, contactor


photoelectric switch


proximity switch


Intermediate relay:

Rich succession

Temperature control, pressure instrument:


Main motor




Main bearing


Rotary support


Lubricated bearing


seal components


pneumatic component


Fluid inlet valve


potential device


After-sales service 

(1) We can dispatch our engineer(s) to your side for installing and debugging machines, but our engineer(s) traveling allowances (USD120/day/person), as well as lodging and board expenses, shall be charged at your side. 

(2) The machine quality that we sell is guaranteed 1 year.

(3) We shall provide your side spare accessories for easy-damaged parts within warranty year and long time technical support.


Q1:Can we trust you?

Q1:Of course you can, we have more than 10 years of filler manufacturing experience, has been walking in front of the industry. The mechanical parts We use are also produced by major international companies, with the careful creation of engineers and workers, so the quality of the equipment can be assured.

Q2: Are you a trading company or a manufactory?

A2: We are a manufactory, we supply the factory price with good quality, welcome to visit !

Q3: What is your guarantee or the warranty of the quality if we buy your machines?

A3: We offer you high quality machines with 1 year guarantee and supply life-long technical support.

Q4: How can I install my machine when it arrives?

A4: If need we will send our engineers to your factory to install the machines and train your staff how to operate the machines. 

Q5:What is the payment method?

A5:You can use L/C, T/T, D/P to pay for your purchase.

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