PET Bottled Water 3 In 1 Filling Machine

PET Bottled Water 3 In 1 Filling Machine

40 Filling head Water filling machine is the mainstream of the market, it can fully adapt to the production needs of small and medium-sized enterprises, but also take into account energy conservation and floor space savings, is the first choice for small and medium-sized filling enterprises....

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Product Description

This machine is suitable for washing, filling and sealing bottled water and mineral water.If some parts are changed, it can also be used to hot fill juice and tea drinks.Production per hour is 22,000 bottles.Adopting advanced micro negative pressure gravity filling technology, the filling speed is fast, the filling accuracy is high, and the filling efficiency is high.The machine adopts advanced technology, such as touch screen control and PLC computer program control, magnetic torque type screw-cap and screw-force adjustable.Automatic detection system, high temperature alarm, low temperature reflux, no bottle no filling, material loss automatic automatic shutdown machine and other features.


Capacity (500ml)
Filling Material
Mineral water,pure water,spring water,non-carbonated beverage and etc.
Filling Precision
≤ ±5mm(Liquid Level)
Suitable Bottle Standard
Bottle Diameter: Φ50-100
Bottle Height: 150-320
Suitable Cap Standard
Plastic cap,Plastic screw cap, Aluminum cap, Crown cap etc.
Water Consumption of Washing Bottle

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Technical Features

1).Quick,Steady and Accurate 

2). Using company original tilting bottle clip, bottle clamp stuck bottleneck, avoid the traditional bottle on rubber clip to block the bottle thread parts may be caused by the pollution. Bottle clip is made of SUS304 stainless steel, health and durable.
3). Using imported special efficient spray nozzle, the washing water will be sprayed in a particular angle, can wash any part of the inner wall, rinse with water thoroughly and save flush bottle.
4). Bottle clamp and lifting mechanism of sliding sleeve adopts Germany Igus corrosion resistant bearing without maintenance.

5). Washing part moves by a frame in the transmission system through the gear transmission.
6).The washing bottle, filling, sealing are connecting with the thumbwheel card bottleneck transportation methods.
7). The rotating disk is all made of SUS304 stainless.
8). Filling method is gravity filling.
9). The filling valve structure design is reasonable, the filling quantity is accurate.
10).The filling temperature can be detected automatically.

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