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Analysis and treatment of common problems in beverage filling machine
Mar 07, 2019

Beverage Filling Machine is a multi-functional beverage filler, equipment application range, according to customer production capacity needs equipment divided into automatic filling machine and semi-automatic filling machine. Compared with the automation of less and faster, it is used in mass production sites. Analysis and treatment of common problems in beverage filling machine:

First, filling installed capacity is not allowed or not out of the material 

1, speed throttle valve and filling interval throttle valve is closed, throttle valve can not be closed;

2, quick install three-way control valve is there a foreign body, if so, please sort, quick install three-way control valve and filling head of the leather tube is there air, if there is air, try to cut or clean the air;

3. Check whether all sealing rings are damaged. If there is any damage, please replace them with new ones.

4, filling mouth valve core whether there is a plug appearance or delay in opening, if there is a plug, the spool should be installed from the beginning of the position.If delayed opening, need to adjust the thin cylinder throttle valve;

5. Install the elastic force of the up and down tightening spiral spring in the three-way control valve as soon as possible. If the elastic force is too large, the check valve will not open;

6. If the filling speed is too fast, adjust the filling speed throttle valve to reduce the filling speed;

7. Can all the hoops and buckles be sealed properly? If so, please correct them.

8, the magnetic switch is not loose, each time after adjusting the amount, please lock.

Second, the filling machine material from the rear end of the cylinder has the following reasons

1. Is the cylinder in the center of the cylinder support? If the cylinder is different, please install it from the beginning;

2, cylinder piston and piston rod is not tight, if loose, please lock;

3. Is the sealing ring of material cylinder piston o-type damaged? If so, please replace it.

4. When the piston of the filling machine is pushed to the top, do not return to the position of the active magnetic switch. Press the emergency stop switch and adjust the active magnetic switch from the beginning.

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