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Application Industry of labeling Machine
Nov 15, 2018

Purpose: To achieve automatic label paste, in the product circumference surface, automatic labeling function;

Function: Improve the product sticker efficiency, attach accurate position, good quality, high stability, to avoid manual labeling efficiency, adhesion skew, uneven thickness of glue and folds, such as a series of problems, effectively reduce the waste of paste, reduce labeling labor costs, improve product identification aesthetics, improve the overall competitiveness of products.

Scope of application: suitable for any industry production including bottled, bagged, plastic and other materials packaging:

Applicable Tags: paper labels (paste required);

Applicable products: required to attach paste label products on the circumference surface;

Application industry: Widely used in food, daily, medicine, wine and other industries; Application examples: Firecrackers paste labeling, beer paste labeling, pesticide bottle paste labeling and so on.

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