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Factors to Keep in Mind While Choosing Right Liquid Filing Machine
Mar 07, 2019

With such a wide range of models and features such as; The Vacuum filler, Siphon Filler, Gravity Filler, Pressure Filler andRotary Filling machines available today, navigating the liquid filling machine landscape can be a confusing and sometimes overwhelming experience.


While there’s no one size fits all liquid packaging solutions there are some important considerations which as a buyer of filling machine you need to consider so that you can acquire the right filling machine that will match your production facility.


1.      Product type:

Very important about your choice of a filling machine is your product. Some liquid products are carbonated while other are not. In this case, for a carbonated product, your liquid filling machine must be fitted with a compatible carbonator that injects CO2 into the product before filling into the container.  

2.      Containers to be used: 

You should consider the material your intended container will be made of, maybe it could be PET, Glass, or Aluminium. Secondly, also to consider about the container is the mouth of the container. Some come in a round shape, while others have square opening. Finally, the shape of the container is as well important. Knowing that each container specification has their own specific filling technique, and requirement will properly guide you on which filling machine to purchase.


3.      Speed: 

How fast do you need your bottles filled? Is faster better? Well, it depends on your choice.  Most filling machines are designed to function fully automatic, semi-automatic or manually (though rarely in vogue). From such designs, it is clear that the fully automatic machines will definitely have a higher product turn out than the manual. It is now left for you to gauge your product demand and go for the best that will suit your production adequately.


4.      Product viscosity: 

Worthy of note before concluding on the choice of your liquid filing machine is your product viscosity. Liquid products may come with different level of viscosity such as extremely thick or viscous, semi-viscous, or free-flowing. Product viscosity can impact typically your fill rate. This is because extremely thick or viscous liquid will take a longer time to get filled up than a free-flowing liquid will do within the same time frame. Accurately identifying you product viscosity is a big step in the right direction towards your filling machine purchase.

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