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Glass bottle capper coupled with the role of the vacuum system
Feb 19, 2019
  Glass bottle capping machine for spices, cans, etc. The most environmentally friendly glass bottle packaging, and the vacuum inside the bottle has a relatively high demand for three-rotation, four screw cap screw cap sealing (also known as glass bottles Vacuum sealing machine, glass bottle capping machine). Glass bottle capping machine coupled with the vacuum system, the glass can be vacuum suction to extend the bottle contents of the shelf life and taste. Continuous operation can be carried out automatically into the bottle, automatic suction vacuum, automatic capping, automatic bottle, if coupled with the relevant pneumatic control components, can also be implemented without the lid into the bottle function. It is the largest vacuum capping machine on the market. It is the first choice for the food factory and cannery factory. Control system is the brain of mechanical equipment, but also issued a core device of action instructions. At present, the manufacturers of food and drug packaging machinery generally use PLC (PLC controller), this device does not have the industrial computer (PC) has a powerful function. For most traditional mechanical control equipment, the use of PLC is appropriate, because the need to control the number of parameters is limited, many places are still using mechanical control. 

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