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How to clean the gas filling machine?
Jan 08, 2019

Water filling machines and air beverage filling machines produce bubbles in the process of production. Foam overflows or on the machine can cause obstruction and local contamination for canned goods. This time the need for comprehensive cleaning work on the filling machine, if you don't know the work flow and maintenance technology of filling machine, filling machine in cleaning will be handled properly, causing rust problems such as gas beverage filling machine, filling machine and cleaning method is correct:

When cleaning the filling machine, it must not be cleaned by water, but should be cleaned with a special detergent. This is because, in the filling process, the water filling opportunities encounter acid base corrosion, filling mouth easy to rust. Cleaning agent can effectively remove rust. Apply the cleaning agent evenly on the surface of the filling machine, then wipe it slowly with a damp cloth, and clean the body of the filling machine. Then sponge the liquid on the surface of the filling machine. Wait for the machine to dry naturally in the air. Generally speaking, the filling machine has a longer service life, so the filling machine is cleaned at intervals, and the body of the filling machine is kept clean and tidy.

Cleaning the air filled beverage filling machine with the right method saves time and effort while protecting the machine and prolonging the use time.


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