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Jan 08, 2019

Now the packaging industry, water filling machine is necessary machinery, including equipment if the installation is not reasonable, not only cause waste of materials, but also may cause danger. In order to ensure product hygiene, but also regular cleaning and disinfection, then how to install and clean disinfection?

Rational use of filling machine:

1. after the machine is out of the box, it is necessary to check whether the attached data is complete, so that it is convenient to solve the problem later and check whether the parts are damaged or not.

2. distinguish between feed and discharge components, according to the instructions installation.

3. apply grease to each part of the joint

4. turn the handle to see if the direction of rotation is correct.

Cleaning and disinfection:

1. first, the discharge port and feed mouth disinfection, disassembly, comprehensive disinfection.

2. pour the cleaning liquid into the whole assembly line, turn on the machine and clean the whole.

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