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Performance features of labeling machines
Nov 15, 2018

Can be affixed to different items on the plane label, a wide range of application. Simple, Flexible: the addition of a touch standard device can achieve uneven surface labeling.


Labeling speed is fast, the effect is good, greatly improve the production efficiency as well as the product grade.

This machine is used in a variety of stickers and irregular flat product labeling.

Speed up to 250 bottles per minute, depending on product differences.

Can be installed on any production line or single-machine production and use.

Depending on the need to remove the conveyor belt, according to a variety of needs to change to the upper paste, side sticker mode.

Printers can be installed according to product needs.

Man-Machine Dialogue touch screen: Easy to operate, intuitive, with a wealth of help features and fault display functions.

Labeling parameter storage: Preset 50 sets of labeling parameters (including material size and label length), no need to reset when changing items.

Chinese menu type of data information settings and editing. Flexible optional Inkjet machine synchronous completion of the code and labeling.

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