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Pure water production line of each technology
Feb 14, 2019

Pure water production line equipment factory pretreatment technology is mainly used to improve water quality, can effectively reduce the pollution, prolong the service life of membrane element, the pretreatment is mainly to microorganisms, bacteria, colloid, organic matter in water, heavy metal ions and solid particles and impurities such as free chlorine to purify.
Meet the requirements of reverse osmosis unit into the water, reverse osmosis membrane system for long-term stable operation.

Quartz sand filter
Large pure water equipment, quartz sand filter is mainly to remove the suspended solids in the water, colloid, silt, clay and humus, particulate impurities, such as reduce the turbidity of water, pure water plant equipment to clarify the purpose of the water quality protection of reverse osmosis membrane.

Activated carbon filter
Activated carbon filter, which make use of the surface of the activated carbon has a large amount of functional groups such as hydroxyl and carboxyl, the various properties of the material can be chemical adsorption to remove the peculiar smell in the water, organic matter, colloid, iron and residual chlorine, at the same time reduce the chromaticity and turbidity of water, reduce the pollution on reverse osmosis.

Automatic softening device
Using ion exchange resin in sodium ion exchange water calcium and magnesium ions, reduce the hardness of the water, at the same time with salt regeneration of ion exchange resin.

The security filter
Using 5 microns of the polypropylene fibre filter for filtering element, mainly for the removal of pretreatment system is not greater than 5 micron particles to remove the clean, intercept treatment before loss of filter material, so as to protect RO membrane less polluted.
Filter can achieve normal conditions of use, will affect the membrane of normal working conditions.

Reverse osmosis system
System consists of high pressure pump, reverse osmosis membrane, membrane shell, cleaning system and related pipe, valve, instrument, etc.
Reverse osmosis level desalination rate is over 98%, reverse osmosis water conductivity less than 20 (including S/cm.

Cleaning sterilization equipment
1, ozone sterilization machine

Ozone sterilization application is very extensive in the pure water production.
It can prevent retention of water in pipes and containers of pipe wall bacterium and affect water quality, therefore, in the water to join ozone put an end to the growth of microorganisms.

2, CIP cleaning device

Reverse osmosis membrane element used for a long time, inevitably to a certain amount of pollution, such as inorganic scaling jams, bacteria, microbial breeding.
At this point, the unit water rate drop, desalination rate reduce equipped with this system, it is mainly used for cleaning the reverse osmosis element, the ability to work the basic returned to normal.

In order to guarantee the normal operation of the pure water equipment system and prolong the service life of reverse osmosis membrane element, when the reverse osmosis system operation after a period of time to remove the calcium carbonate scale, metal oxide scale in water, biological breed (bacteria, fungi, mold, etc.) and so on material requires for cleaning system.

Pure water tank
Ion exchanger product water into pure water, again through the water pipes to each point in pure water tank, to meet the requirements of GMP authentication, set in pure water tank air breathing apparatus, is to prevent water lifting air in and out of the not into dust and microorganism in the air, to ensure that no pollution to water.
The other match ball spray device, and a solution to the pure water tank internal comprehensive cleaning.

The technological characteristics of pure water production line system is introduced
1, the system main fittings adopt imported accessories, strong stability.

2, the high salinity water part back to reverse osmosis pretreatment backwash, conform to the requirements of the water.

3, selection of ultra low pressure reverse osmosis membrane pollution resistance with low pressure, high flux, high desalination rate and resistance to polluting characteristics.

4, pure water production line equipment adopt efficient pretreatment system, ensure the reverse osmosis water biological stability, slows down the following reverse osmosis membrane pollution.
Reverse flushing regeneration pretreatment device can at the same time, to ensure the running stability of the pretreatment system.

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