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Special packaging of mushroom sauce
Feb 22, 2019

Mushroom sauce because of the particularity of raw materials, the requirements for the equipment is relatively high, the glass bottle capping machine simple equipment in the filling process is easy to plug, it is also easy to cause equipment failure, did not let us filling efficiency is improved, So the mushroom sauce filling problem will appear in our production process. We want to greatly enhance the equipment manufacturing process, so that our sauce and the oil can be a good fusion, to create a more delicious food, completely solve our filling problem. Shrink machine is mainly used PE, PV, PC shrink film, such as shrink film packaging, these materials are relatively cheap price, greatly reducing the cost of our packaging, and it is also used with different specifications of the product to shrink, Two bottles of contraction, there are 10 bottles of contraction. Also has a higher shrink machine requirements, as far as possible to achieve versatility. This shrink wrap also facilitates long haul transport. Now the application of shrink machine has been widely promoted. Glass bottle capping machine using the packaging of goods to their own a good opportunity to showcase, so that the vast number of consumers can really understand the product's heart. But also avoid the emergence of the packaging will have a different situation inside and outside. Shrinkage of the current sales market is very optimistic. Glass bottle capping machine with shrink film for packaging to a certain extent, improved product quality. Has become a very good means of promotion. Now the supermarket a lot of drinks, beer and other engagements to buy two get one get a promotional tool, most of the shrink machine for packaging. It has a strong market advantage compared with the traditional packaging. So it's listed on the opening of a good start. 

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