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What debugging should be done before the start of the filling machine?
Feb 26, 2019

1, the first loosening all active filling machine nut and then regulating screw so that the position of the next firm bar changes. Thus, the push and pull length of the syringe is also changed to reach the goal of free regulating of the sub-load. The screw clockwise regulating is incremental, and conversely, the pointer is indicated. 

2, after the regulating with the nut will be tightened, so that the following firm rod and crank firmly firm.

3, loosen the nut, according to the difference syringe push-pull length to determine the exact position of the firm rod. After the bottom firm bar is tuned, turn the crank so that the syringe is transferred to the dead point, and then the syringe coat tube up to about 2mm, so as not to screw the needle, and then tighten the nut, can be turned on. 

4, including steam beverage filling machine device After the correct turn on the switch, stiff things, by the crank mobilization syringe up and down to pull the pumping, regulating rate knob, choose to meet the sorting rate, start normal things, regulating governor knob, clockwise sorting rate is fast, the reverse rate is slow.

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