Automatic Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine

Automatic Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine

Introduction This shrink sleeve labeling machine consist of auto label sleeve machine, Steam Shrinking Tunnel and Steam generator. Main machine adopt Synchronized transmission, change of transmission belt will be quickly. Compared to the type of traditional change and maintain need more than six......

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This shrink sleeve labeling machine consist of auto label sleeve machine, Steam Shrinking Tunnel and Steam generator.

Main machine adopt Synchronized transmission, change of transmission belt will be quickly. Compared to the type of traditional change and maintain need more than six hours, this machine maintenance is easy and maintain is simple, so it doesn’t influence production. Unique cutter head plane design apply to the container diameter of 30mm to 130mm. no need to change or debug it. also has unique screen, auto search original location as well as safety and convenience which is ahead of other congener products.

Double shrinking label feed plane, reasonable height which is convenient to fix the label; PLC auto figure which avoid enactment and adjustment .you only need to press it lightly, the label will detect and locate automatically. change of labels are quick and convenient. Besides, the cutting place is absolutely exact.

Label feeding equipment: driving synchronized control the feeding of label, the feeding ability is 90meters per minute, volume label supply plane diameter is 500mm, the internal diameter of paper tube will be 4’, 8’, 10’ .the configuration of label feeding is stable. which enable the exact length of label and the stable ,quick supply of label.

Technical parameter:


KML-150B Label Sleeve Machine


80-100bpm(Calculation of standard length to 100mm)



Whole line productive efficiency

≥95%(Calculation of 24 hours)

Applicable diameter of bottle

28mm to 125mm

Applicable length of label

30mm to 250mm

Applicable thickness of label

0.027mm ~0.13mm

Label material


Volume label inside diameter


Volume label outside diameter



AC380V, 50/60HZ, three phase

label sleeve machine power


Steam Shrink tunnel power


Steam pressure


Steam air consumption


Dimension of the machine

Label sleeve machine:  L2100*W850*H2000 mm


500  kg

Steam shrink tunnel technical parameter


Steam shrink tunnel

Input Power Supply of Blower

1PH, 220V,1.1KW

Input Power Supply of Steam Generator


Working Pressure




Steam Consumption


Size of Oven Body

L2300*W400*H450 mm

Transporting Speed



Sleeve label Technical Features and application :

1.The center pillar applies step by step shoot label structure and the speed is 170B per minute.

2.The newly designed cutter head use step by step motor driving which speed is high, action is exact, the cut is in order and the shrinking is beautiful. This design cooperated with the label synchronized location structure enable the precision of cut location within 1mm.

3.Multi-point emergency stop button enable emergency stop at the proper position along the production which guaranteed the safe production.

Steam shrinkage tunnel description:

New type of bottle label steam shrinkage tunnel, thermo shrinkage have increased the thermo-shrink efficiency; different and unreasonable bottle shapes such as round, square, or flat bottle etc. we can adjust and maintain convenience, shrink flatly. 

Steam eject type adopt to Steam drums design type, adjustable steam diversion system, tube is smoothly and not occupy room, eject exit mouth each side divide three passage, each passage height or low, fore and after gas output volume all can adjust, up to max perfect efficiency .

Steam shrinkage tunnel features:

1.Low-pressure Steam drums adopt to no-seam steel tube, each connected tube use stainless steel tube quick connecter, easy to discharge and install.

2.Whole machine outer shells adopt stainless steel SUS304, save energy and accord with foodstuff safe criterion.

3.Bottom stainless steel water plates concentrate cool condensation water can exclude via tube connected, working circumstance don't affect, case body vision window fore and after each has two.

4.Whole machine adopt to water-proof design, made from stainless steel, easy to manipulation and maintain.    

Steam generator mechanism character:

1.small electric thermo steam oven with compact  structure and  small cube, machine inner set auto water replenishing bump, and set auto water-level controlling, pressure controlling, can work continually.

2.water of the oven is lower than 30L, annual water volume in the oven is less, with high working pressure, high steam temperature, can solve many users high-pressure steam requirement efficiency.

3.Steam output valve not only can connect hard tube but also can connect anti-high temperature steam rubber tube flexibly and save the space effectively. whole machine occupy area is small, convenient to move and install.

After sales service

1 can dispatch engineers to end user’s plant to install, debugging machine unit start normal production. And teach end users’ worker to operate machine.

2 quality guaranty time is 1 year, easy wear spare parts free, life long time provide technical support if happen problem.

3 also can provide turn-key service even your machine not buy from us. Also can dispatch engineers to solve professional problem.


Q1: if your company are manufacturer?

Yes, Suzhou Shunxing Beverage Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd establish own factory since 2012. Already design, process, install, and debugging packing machine More than 20 years, with rich experience on oil bottle filling, capping, labeling and packing machine. one engineer can install and debugging whole production line, to save cost and time for end customers.

Q2: What’s your company advantages?

Work with us, make your business easy, our engineers team making and debugging machine more than 20 years, go around more than 30 countries to install and debugging machine. One engineer can finish whole line, to save your time and money.

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