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Application And Development Of Bottled Water Filling Machine In Carbonated Drinks
Feb 12, 2019

Carbonated drinks are a mixture of carbonated water and liquid stock. From this concept, we can divide the entire carbonated beverage production process into three processes, namely, the production of carbonated water, the preparation of raw liquid, filling, sealing, labeling.1494205862725649.jpg

(1) bottled water filling machine production of carbonated water tap water or deep well water through filtration and purification, sterilization, freezing, and then mixed with a machine to complete the carbon dioxide gas is mixed with water into carbonated water, and then into the storage tank to avoid voltage, when the filling pressure fluctuation, easy to make carbon dioxide escaping from the liquid to influence the quality of the beverage. When mixing generally, the water temperature is about 5 DEG C, and the CO2 pressure should be 0.294-0.49mpa.

(2) the liquid is prepared by adding sugar, essence, pigment, water and other ingredients. At this point, through the beverage pump input filter for filtration, mainly to remove impurities, ran by the stainless steel pipeline into the beverage machinery.

(3) filling, capping, labeling will be clear, disinfection, bottles from the conveyor belt has entered the grouting machine, water filling machine, capping machine, labeling machine, quantitative grouting, irrigation, capping, labeling, packing.

In recent years, China's beverage machinery in the introduction, digestion, absorption, improvement, imitation policy guidelines, all types of equipment continue to introduce new. The advent of disposable mixing machines and equal pressure filling and capping machines has brought about a new leap in the development of beverage industry. The machine uses the advanced steam and liquid mixing device to mix the raw juice, water and carbon dioxide at once, and then the uniform and stable water can be injected into the three equal pressure filling and sealing machine to complete the filling. The production process and greatly improves the quality of beverage and beverage production capacity, but also can make the equipment more reasonable, gather parts into a whole, integrated, multi use.

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