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Filling Machine Filling Accuracy And Stability
Feb 19, 2019

  As the packaging of machinery and equipment manufacturers are desperately adapt to the market, the development of complex and non-standard equipment to meet the needs of the production of goods enterprises, and sometimes this demand is volatile and uncertain, non-standard mechanical function is not very Good embodiment of the user's purpose, equipment will cause downtime, not practical, or even waste, waste of resources. In the whole process, we can easily see the needs of commodity packaging enterprises in order to make products more colorful, will design more unique packaging; provide non-standard packaging machinery manufacturing manufacturers, with the packaging business requirements, investment More resources to engage in research and development. These actions to a certain extent, promote social development, but the other side of things like excessive packaging. Quantitative packaging of goods such as powder, granules, liquids, pastes, tablets, etc., in various forms of packaging, plastic bottles, glass bottles, plastic bags. A glass bottle is divided into thousands of bottle type, filling machine in order to adapt to these bottles, had to develop the so-called universal filling machine. Filling measurement from 0 - infinite, the equipment can adapt to the bottle type, equipment, filling accuracy and stability, as well as practical degree of discount. China's inkjet printer from the starting point to be higher than other industries, its progress is fast, but it is more like a "lost child", aimlessly in the noisy, chaotic way on the line. As China has not yet more standardized industry standards for the majority of the packaging machinery industry reference, so, such as inkjet printer, shrink machine and other less mature mechanical types have been neglected. For the packaging machinery, its maintenance and maintenance is to be divided into seasons and use of time. Seemingly unrelated packaging equipment and seasonal factors, because the related products and become closely related. Similarly, for the season when the machine's preservation, maintenance is also necessary to reiterate this. The machine is used for a long time, especially in the continuous work, overload, prone to some electrical faults and mechanical failure, such as: sealing is not strong, the machine stop and go, fuse fuse at start, run "squeak ", The temperature can not be controlled, sealing the finished bag deformation and bending, sealing knife embossing at the bubble or irregular marks and so on. In this paper, combined with practical experience, for several of them failures, analysis of its causes, put forward the corresponding solution, and describes the maintenance of continuous sealing machine, and hope to use continuous sealing machine business and personal help. Seal is not sealed with the heat sealing film quality, if the composite lining corona treatment is not uniform, the effect is not good, and happens to appear in the seal, certainly can not be sealed. This situation is rare, but once there, the product must be scrapped. Therefore, in the color packaging industry, is the next procedure supervision on the procedure, a found quality problems, must promptly analyze the cause and be addressed. If the seal at the water, dirt, will result in sealing is not strong. In short, the first solution to solve the problem is not firmly sealed, the general may be appropriate to improve the heat sealing temperature, and then reduce the heat sealing speed, while increasing the pressure of cold pressing rubber tire.

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