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Filling Machine Is Used To Fill All Kinds Of Liquids
Dec 29, 2018

Water filling machine is used to fill all kinds of liquid, including all kinds of drinks, chemicals and so on. Because the filling is liquid, therefore, the liquid filling machine container must be kept clean, and the filling containers used must be strictly inspected and cleaned so as not to pollute the filling beverage.

Before filling the machine, use 0~1 degrees of water to reduce the temperature of the filling tank and the pipeline. When the filling temperature exceeds 4 degrees, the temperature should be lowered before filling. The use of insulation trough, constant temperature irrigation, so that the filling materials in the specified time to maintain a constant temperature, so as not to cause the filling machine due to temperature changes too large and unstable work. In addition, the filling equipment is best isolated from other equipment. The lubrication part of the filling machine and the filling material part shall be protected from cross contamination, and the lubrication of the conveyer belt shall be made with special soap or water or lubricating oil.

In addition to the cleanliness of the water filling machine, it is also necessary to keep the filling workshop clean and tidy. Because in the production process the most taboo, because the filling machine itself quality problems lead to the production line can not run normally, so in the use of filling machine should pay attention to sterilization, ensure clean, low temperature filling.

In the production process to ensure the stability of biological sterilization of bottled drinks is the best way, we must control the time and temperature of sterilization, to ensure the final results, but also to avoid the sterilization time is too long or too high temperature, reduce beverage oxidation, when sterilization as soon as possible after cooling the temperature not exceeding 35 DEG C. Low temperature filling is the minimum requirement for beverage filling. Under normal circumstances, beverage is not easy to foam in low temperature environment, and is beneficial to filling.

Keep the liquid filling machine pipeline clean, all pipeline especially pipeline and indirect or direct contact with the material, should be kept clean, every week to scrub, to water every day, every time to ensure clean sterilization; filling machine, the material groove to washing and sterilization, to ensure contact with the material part can not have scale and miscellaneous bacteria.

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