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Maintenance After Operation Of Three-in-one Filling Machine
Feb 12, 2019

The three-in-one filling machine is suitable for filling liquids such as wine and red wine at atmospheric pressure. Filling machines are divided into conventional filling and volume filling, which are only used for filling low viscosity, non-gas liquids such as milk and wine. Pressure filling machines are higher than normal pressure filling machines, but they can also be divided into two categories: one is the pressure inside the tank, the pressure inside the bottle is proportional to the pressure, and the bottle is filled according to the weight of the liquid, which is called equal pressure. Filling. Filling; Er is the pressure inside the tank is higher than the pressure inside the bottle, the liquid enters the bottle through the pressure difference, and the high-speed production line is connected in multiple ways. This is the point. The pressure filling machine is suitable for liquid filling of beer, soda, champagne and other gases. According to the filling principle, the filling machine can be divided into a normal pressure filling machine, a pressure filling machine and a vacuum filling machine.


The three-in-one filling machine should be operated before and after use, which is the key to the installation, commissioning, use and maintenance of the filling machine. This is also related to the quality and efficiency of the filler manufacturer.

First, before using the 3-in-1 filling machine, install it and then debug it. Read the instructions before commissioning and get ready to use the tool. After the loader is installed, the loading rails and connecting plates should be adjusted to a certain height. The tank is filled with material and all electrical switches are in the closed position. Insert the container to be filled into the toolbox and connect it to an external power source. The power outlet must be a three-pin socket with a reliable grounding wire to prevent leakage. Turn on the machine's power switch and the power indicator lights up. The filling frame is lifted by the filling frame support plate of the three-in-one filling machine, and the positioning sleeve on the filling head is moved upward by hand. The positioning sleeve should be able to move up and down flexibly and the filling needle can be exposed or contracted without any problems. Push the switch under the cylinder to the open position to allow material to flow into the total metering pump. Adjust the screws on the crank according to the total fill of each container. Rotate the knob of the fill speed control board to approximately 20 degrees and then turn the switch on the fill speed control board to the open position.

After using the three-in-one filling machine, pay attention to maintenance, and remove the piston and fixing screws at the same time, so as not to affect other technical requirements. Before the piston filler is cleaned, the remaining product in the filler should be cleaned and then filled with soft cleaning fluid. When the cylinder leaves the factory, the lubricant is lubricated. Do not open or add any lubricant to ensure that the surface of the filler is clean and closed when not in use. In addition, while maintaining and properly using the filling machine, it is also necessary to test and debug it regularly. Only in this way can the filling machine work healthily and steadily.

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