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Maintenance Knowledge Of Beverage Filling Machine
Dec 29, 2018

Beverage filling machine in the current processing industry has a pivotal position, is a lot of food, beverages, medicine, daily production and processing of one of the necessary equipment, for our lives play a more and more important role. For enterprises, the use of beverage filling machine is not a problem, but in its maintenance and maintenance, but few people know. Here, based on past experience, the author makes the following exposition. 

First of all, in the beverage filling machine, bottle grinder and bottle washing machine before use.

1, installation and then debugging, before commissioning to carefully read the instructions, ready to use the tools. 

2, installed, Bottle brush machine and bottle washing machine after installation, will be filled track, bottle plate into a level, storage barrel filled with materials, all electrical switches in the closed position. 

3, filling the container into the tooling box, connected to the external power supply, the power outlet must be a three-legged socket, and there is a reliable grounding line, to prevent in case the chassis leakage electric shock person, the machine power switch dial to on, Power indicator light. 

4, the mounting support plate will hold the filling frame, with the finger up to fill the positioning sleeve on the head, the positioning sleeve should be able to move up and down flexibly, where the filling needle exposed or retracted into the unobstructed. 

5. The switch under the storage bucket is dialed to the open position so that the material can flow into the total metering pump, adjust the screws on the crank according to the total amount of filling in each container, and spin the knob of the filling speed plate to about 20 degrees, and then the switch on the filling speed plate is dialed to the open position. 

6, filling head outflow liquid for the set amount, the liquid fine tuning nut tightening, cover the filling head shell, release the filling frame support plate. 

After the use of the beverage filling machine should also pay attention to its maintenance, in the maintenance of the disassembly and washing piston and when to remove the fixed screws at the same time, so as not to remove the * when the impact of another process requirements. Before the piston filling machine is cleaned, the surplus products inside should be cleaned and then filled with soft cleaning fluid in the barrel. Cylinder in the factory has been added good lubrication, please do not open or add any lubricating oil, to ensure that the surface of the filling machine clean and sanitary, do not work when the power outage treatment. In addition, while adhering to the maintenance and correct use of the filling machine, but also regular testing, commissioning. Only in this way can the filling machine be healthy and stable work. 

With the continuous improvement of living standards, people's demand for beverages and daily products continue to increase, enterprises continue to develop, the use of beverage filling machine, bottle grinder and punching machine is also more and more, the use of filling machine should pay attention to the problem is increasingly acute, therefore, in order to better production of enterprises, its maintenance work is still very necessary.

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