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Mineral Water Production Line Construction And Equipment Sel
Feb 14, 2019
Mineral water filling production line include water treatment, four systems, bottle, filling and packaging production capacity can reach 2000 ~ 36000 bottles per hour.
Under 2000 bottles/when choose split type filling machine production of mineral water filling production line.
More than 2000 bottles/production of mineral water filling production line use washing, filling and capping all-in-one, commonly known as triad filling machine industry.
Split type filling machine covers an area of big, washing machine, filling machine, capping machine into a linear distribution of triad filling machine production with high efficiency, small floor space, high degree of automation, greatly reduce the time between the washing, filling and capping, more secure guarantee the final quality.

From the Angle of the initial investment cost, the fission machine much cheaper, triad filling machine costs more, customers can according to their own actual situation, make corresponding choice

  Has the natural mineral water due to the natural advantages of excellent quality, water quality, safety and health has become a high level of choice for consumers.

Is very rich in mineral resources in China, as a result of the mineral water main market in the city, to ensure the quality of our products and avoid unnecessary investment, therefore, drinking pure water natural mineral water production line construction become a frequent topic in the industry insiders.

Mineral water source is determined, according to water supply, plant scale and market positioning.
Pure water of the construction of the mineral water production line layout to reasonable according to the enterprise development goals, technological process, production equipment and products to comprehensive workshop layout, require production layout is fluent, do not cause cross contamination.
General requirements of raw materials, semi-finished products, the product can not be mixed with, the phenomenon such as pollution, congestion, channel to each other.

Mineral water treatment equipment using ozone sterilization technology.
Strong oxidizing ozone, we need to be considered in the equipment selection, different grades of steel, there is a big difference between the price and the extent of corrosion resistance is different also, determines the service life of equipment, mineral water, adopting the above 304 type stainless steel water pipe, after the ozone sterilization process equipment adopts 316 stainless steel as well, although the price does not poor, but the content is worth somewhat, its finish and corrosion resistance is very good.

Water treatment technology and the production workshop set up different types of mineral water, should use different water treatment technology, the mineral water factory of guangdong generally adopts the following process: raw water to the sand filter, activated carbon filter to filter (triple filter) in the early, the mixture of ozone sterilization - ultrafiltration - filling.
Equipment production capacity, according to the design of water supply, enterprise ability to choose.
At present, the domestic many equipment manufacturer can produce practical beautiful filling equipment.
In stainless steel material, however, you need to use the manufacturer timely follow up, the small screws, small accessories also to request, to reduce unnecessary trouble in the future.

Mineral water plant for the construction of the construction of the enterprise of mineral water factory, should also include the construction of the enterprise, advanced hardware facilities, must be equipped with high quality people.
Natural mineral water production is important to its TianRanXing, without any preservatives and additives, at the same time, the product itself without any defense capabilities, any pollution, make product deterioration of danger.

No matter how big the production of mineral water filling production line, the water treatment equipment types are the same, just different from processing capacity.
Mineral water production line is equipped with water treatment equipment as follows: the original pools, the water pump, quartz sand filter, activated carbon filter, natrium ion filter, precision filter, the buffer tank, the hollow fiber filter, ozone generator, oxidation tower (via) large output, and storage tanks.

2000 bottles/when the following mineral water filling production line equipped with semi-automatic production equipment is as follows: semi-automatic bottle blowing machine, code machine, filling machine, inspection equipment, steam shrinking stove, semi-automatic film machine.

More than 2000 bottles/mineral water filling production line equipped with fully automatic production equipment is as follows: automatic bottle blowing machine (including a second, a four, one out of six, etc.), on the platform or bottle unscramble bottle machine (yield 8000 bottles/recommended), air duct into the bottle, mineral water filling machine, bottle conveying, light inspection equipment, dry machine, printing machine, sets of standard chartered machine or labeling machine, film or packing machine, palletizing machine.

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