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Precautions In The Flushing Process Of Beverage Equipment
Jan 04, 2019


In the production of beverage equipment, there are many jars, blending tanks, sterilization tubes, mixing cans, water storage tanks and so on, in order to ensure the hygiene of beverages, these jars to carry out regular flushing, today, we are here for you to give a detailed introduction to the beverage equipment flushing process of attention: 

1, the replacement of filter cartridges suspended flushing pump, Be careful not to bring impurities; 

2, after rinsing after the extraction of flushing oil, pipeline use should pay attention to protection, so as to avoid contaminants into the system; 

3, the emptying and sewage should be carried out regularly to ensure that the system is full, and timely discharge of gas and pollutants; 

4, in the early stage of flushing, oil evaporation is very important, There should be steam escaping windows on the flushing tank; 

5. The fuel tank should be closed to reduce the chance of particles entering the fuel tank in the air at the scene; 

6. When adding flushing oil to the phase tank, the refueling cart with filter should be used to filter out the contaminants in the barrel oil.

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