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Present Situation And Development Trend Of Packaging Machinery
Feb 22, 2019
 China's food packaging business most of the small size, "small and complete" is one of its main features, the annual output value of the majority of enterprises in the few million to 10 million yuan, less than 100 million enterprises, many . The per capita labor productivity of most enterprises in the 100,000 yuan or less. Nearly 15% of enterprises are converting or closing each year, but 15% of them are in this sector, which is extremely unstable. Zhejiang Wei Chi Light Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. food packaging machinery in recent years has made great achievements, but compared with foreign products, there are still 20 years of technology gap. Low-tech products, high-tech, high value-added, high-productivity products less common models and more, special requirements, special materials processing models less. The quality gap of mechanical products is mainly manifested in the poor stability and reliability, shape backward, the appearance of rough, basic parts and accessories short life, trouble-free operation time is short, the vast majority of products have not yet developed reliability standards Product performance and similar foreign products Compared to low production capacity, high energy consumption. At the same time there is a disregard of industry development requirements, repeat production of those low cost, relatively backward technology level, easy to manufacture mechanical products, the industry is currently about 1/4 of the enterprises there is a low level of duplication of production. This is a great waste of resources, resulting in confusion in the packaging machinery market, hinder the development of the industry. Zhejiang Wei Chi Light Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. better product hour production capacity of foreign advanced level is only 1/2, energy consumption doubled to higher than the advanced level of foreign products. At present, China's food and packaging machinery only 5% to reach the level of foreign 90s of last century, 20% to 80 years of foreign level, 60% to reach the level of 70 years abroad. China's vast majority of food processing and packaging machinery manufacturing enterprises are small and medium enterprises, basically do not have independent research and development capabilities. As the lack of scientific research, research institutes and institutions of higher learning experimental conditions are not perfect, resulting in China's products on the market mainly imitation, mapping or a little transformation of the localization, Zhejiang Wei Chi Light Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. main technology industry rely on foreign , With independent intellectual property rights of products less. According to the provisions of technology development investment can account for 3% of sales revenue, but most of the funds invested in enterprises are very small, can not guarantee the development of new products and new technologies. Product development, lack of innovation, development tools behind, can not keep up with market demand in a timely manner to provide products. 

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