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Use Of Filling Machines
Nov 15, 2018

1, because the filling machine is an automated machine, so easy to pull bottles, bottle mats, cap size are required to unify.

2, before driving must first use the rocker handle to turn the machine, to see if its rotation is abnormalities, indeed judged normal can then drive.

3, adjust the machine, the tool to use the appropriate, strictly prohibit the use of too large tools or force too hard to remove parts to avoid damage to the machine parts or affect the performance of the machinery.

4, whenever the machine is adjusted, be sure to tighten the screws, with the rocker handle to turn the machine to see if its action meets the requirements, you can drive.

5, the machine must be kept clean, strictly prohibit the machine with oil, liquid or glass debris, so as not to cause damage to the machine, so it is necessary to:

⑴ machine in the production process, timely removal of liquid or glass debris.

⑵ the machine surface parts should be cleaned once before the shift, and clean lubricants should be added to each activity department.

⑶ should be scrubbed once a week, especially if the usual use is not easy to clean to the place to wipe or use compressed air to blow clean.

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